Monday, February 10, 2014

2nd part of 2nd a first

I am officially past the 26 and a half weeks of pregnancy! This is a first for me since Riley was born at 26.5 weeks. I feel good, a little less nervous now to have gotten past this point. Bebe R is looking good!

Gender: Boy! We are still undecided about his name, except it starting with R (equaling the bebe "R").

Movement: He has been moving a ton, especially at night! I have anterior placenta (meaning the placenta is in front) so some of his movement in the beginning felt muffled but it is more pronounced now and more frequent.

 Size: Bebe R is almost 2 lbs, he is the size approximately of a head of lettuce! I am growing too and feel like I am showing more at this point than I was was Riley when he was 26 weeks.

Cravings: Sour anything that probably induces heartburn/acid reflux! I have had a ton of acid reflux this time!

Sleep: I wake up a lot just because I am uncomfortable and am turning from one side to the other quite a bit. No more sleeping on my back...

Riley: We talk to him about "baby brother" and he knows the baby is in my tummy. He has also been a lot more clingy to me in the last few weeks...holding, snuggles...I am loving all those little moments because he is usually a go go go boy and doesn't like to be held very much!