Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow, 2 days till our wedding day!
Time is flying by!
Yesterday Rocky's parents and his grandma flew in from Japan. It was great to meet them, Rocky and I went to the airport to pick them up. I was a little nervous, because it was my first time meeting them in person, but I had talked to them before and they are soo nice! I love them!
Today we are doing a lot of the last minute details...
1. meeting up with our photographer-Amber Shaw photography is doing our photos and after feeling unsure about a few others that we were debating on, I came across her website!
2. Picking up my bouquet
3. his parents want to see the reception place.
4. the food...there are still a few details on that to work out!
Fun and crazy and I am taking in every moment! And trying not to feel too stressed.

Yesterday I went and did the alterations on my dress and it is beautiful! I love it! I got it at "Gowns by Pamela" and they have a mix and match dress selection so i picked the top and then the skirt and it has a sash that ties it all!
Thursday my family gets in (tomorrow!)
I can't believe the time is almost here!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Everything is good to go for next Friday! I'm soo relieved and so is Rocky. He doesnt show as much stress on the outside (I do) but he was really worried about the whole situation. But everything is straightened out and today is our last Friday unmarried! :O

One week!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

8 days???

Eight days till Rocky and I get married...hopefully. I guess the hopefully part isn't what you were expecting to read, right? Well it wasn't what I was expecting either. We are having some problems with extending Rocky's vacation visa (that he is here on right now) and we need that documentation for us to get married. Why don't we still have it? Long story...

There are so many more details but thats what it comes down to, that we are still watiting on the visa extention. I will keep you updated! Our famililes (those that can make it) and some friends are coming out from out of state...I dont know what to say. We are in the process of doing a few different things so that next Friday we can get married as planned. If not, well we will get married at a later date. I just feel so bad because of those people who are planning on being there but we are hoping for the best! I will keep you updated...

On a lighter note...last night we were together and he had been looking for a document and in his things he found a letter he had written to me but had never sent....he didn't say anything about it at the moment, he just had it sitting next to him on the couch and when i came into the room and he was on the phone I just random picked up the folded piece of paper to see what it was one of those things that just makes your whole body smile, not just your mouth but in your eyes, your heart, it warms you up inside :) In some ways it was better to not get that letter in March but to get it now instead.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ok i'm going to see if i can do a post a day (except the weekends bc of lack of internet) until the wedding.
So last night i was addressing envelopes to send out invites and was doing california ones (sorry they are going out so late!! we had some issues :/ ) and i got so sad. i am so happy that im going to marry rocky and all- thats not why i was sad. its because I want to have it where the people i know are...the ones i grew up with, the ones who have been such a big part of my life. it was sad. i told rocky i wanted to get married in california, not in utah anymore to have everyone there. well, i know not EvErYoNe will be there but its more like home to me. And i was thinking about my aunts and uncles and grandparents and FrIeNdS and the people from my ward and stake who i miss a lot.
The nice thing is that my family and some of rocky's family are coming and it will be great that we can all get together. So i will focus on the positive. Because rocky is also here in utah with most of his family and friends in other places even farther away.


We will be doing a roadtrip to california afterwards (probably the next weekend?) and will have a reception/open house. I have ideas on this but nothing planned so far just because we weren't sure WHEN it would happen. But its really important to me and rocky says if it is important to me its important to him and we will make it happen! He loves california as well :)

So, the california invitations will go out today ( I will have to contact friends individually to let
them know when we will be there) and the other invitations we still need the inserts because the reception place has changed.

Today im working and then im meeting with a coordinator at the reception place and then i have an interview and then we are going to the gym.

Today is also one of the days i have off from working at the restaurant so im taking advantage of that to work on some more wedding plans ( meeting with the coordinator for example).

Ciao. I will try to post some pics soon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A post is looong overdue. Sorry. I have limited internet access plus more limited time recently. However, I will do some quick catching up!

I did move to Utah. I am working 2 jobs, one is in the accounting department of a company called Varsity Contractors and the other is working at my bf's restaurant, K-Rico Peru, waitressing in the evenings and some Saturdays.

I'm getting married July 23rd and we are having a reception that evening at a place called The Woods on Ninth in Midvale. We had some problems planning the reception so the location is changed, so the invitations are with the previous place but the new place is so much better. However, that caused a delay in the invitations and dont get me started on the invitations. Thanks to my brother and my dad they helped me realize once again what is important in the big scheme of things even if everything doesnt turn out how i would like it to.

We are still w0rking out a date of when we are going to have our california open house/reception because to me everyone there is like family, the friends and family i have grown up with. I miss them all a lot!! I know when I go back it will be great and I want everyone to meet Rocky and then when its time to leave i'll want to stay.

Most of my time is taken up with work. Wedding plans are worked in and there are just a few more things we need and then we'll be ready. I cant believe its less than a month away. And that i'm getting married! It wasn't in my plans for this year or in Rocky's plans either. But I guess life isn't always how you plan. But you can still achieve your goals and make new goals as well.

I miss my friends and family a lot :( Being here and being so busy hasn't left a lot of time for meeting new people or hanging out with the friends I have here and in the last few weeks I have missed that a LOT.I have been able to a little bit and my friend Nicole threw me a bridal shower and we went wedding dress shopping together too.
It has definitely been good that I have been here for the last few months though to have time to get to know Rocky more and to strengthen our relationship. He is amazing in so many ways!