Sunday, November 22, 2009


What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was a day of S's....
sunshine (and it was actually not super super cold! love days like that, especially in idaho!

I love the smell of skittles!  Next time before you eat them, take a moment to smell them. Oh, and I found a snacksize in my backpack (descreetly snacked on during class!)

SMILE! I went back over to return Julianne's cookie sheet and saw baby hailey (2 days in a row)! She fed herself (with my help) and man, she is SO cute! She is getting some teeth in now. And, she has a really loud scream! (she was just screaming to scream...)
Plus Julianne 'cause we update each other on whats up.

Hmmm and now I get to do some more homework. 3 days till Thanksgiving break! Can't wait! 
I also sent some delicious

to Rolfy today...yep...and they are pretty much 'cause they have cinnamon chips and chocolate chips in them and them and nice and soft....mmmm.

And one last thing...i watched this and it happens to have one of my most favorite quotes ever on it by Elder Wirthlin from this talk

Have a great evening! Now its cold and dark outside...sleep is calling my name early tonight! 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want to be a missionary again. This feeling come back over and over again and sometimes it hits me really hard, like right now. I wish I could explain how deeply I feel it!
At the beginning they tell you to make the most of every moment, every opportunity to teach and to learn and to feel the spirit and see the miracles because 1. you will never have those same kinds of experiences again (being a full time missionary) and 2. because it goes by so fast and you want to look back on it as the best experience of your life.
And the good thing about that, is that I can.
The bad thing about it is, I can and its true that I can't go back.
Not to like how it was before.
I want the simplicity of the mission. Of waking up and knowing that I had one focus, one goal.
I know what I learned is going to be tested now, over and over again. Because I learned what I learned and grew in certain ways for a purpose.
The Lord knows I have it but it isn't just to have.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My halloween was celebrated more the weekend before halloween then actually on halloween! I was in SLC and as you can see we had some adventures! Don't worry, no one got hurt!

why did I end up next to the spider!?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today is November 3rd. I can't believe we are in November already! My classes are going...okay for the most part. With the exception of spanish and math. I'm stressed out and have a lot to do and am also looking for a job. Next week I'll register for classes for winter. I'm also deciding if I'm going to stay here in this apartment complex! It has its pros and cons.
Rodolfo is now Elder Moreno. He went into the MTC last Wednesday (has it really only been a week, it feels like more...) and we have been writing and it is really hard not talking to him because he is who I would talk to every day and when I felt down or upset or happy or excited or had good new or bad news or needed advice or wanted to give advice lol he was always just a phone call away. I am really glad i had the weekends I had to go visit him and also for being there his last day before he left to go to the MTC. A little crazy, I know...I left early early Monday morning (of last week) after being there the weekend to come back here to school for my classes (he almost came with me) and we had talked about me coming back up one more time but it looked like there was going to be snow, so that is why he didn't drive up with me to Rexburg. After my classes I couldn't stand the thought of not being with him one more time before he left, so after checking the weather forecasts, I grabbed my laptop and my backpack and a few other things and headed back to Salt Lake City! I felt so peaceful, calm and so happy going back...and a little crazy 'cause I was just there earlier that day! But it didn't matter, I was going to see him again and it turned out to be just what I needed.
There was some snow on Tuesday (we had a little trouble getting to the West Jordan temple where we did a session) but it just snowed on and off. Monday night was great to hang out with his family and talk and eat and Tuesday we went to the temple, ate at Subway, got a few more things he needed, etc, and then at 7pm we went to the stake center and met up with his family and his bishop and he was set apart as a missionary! Before I left to go back to Rexburg, he gave me a blessing. I have no regrets going back (the 3 1/2 hr drive is so familiar now!) and I am greatcoat for all the memories we have together so far! From how we first met, to when he told me how he felt about me, to seeing how it wasn't coincidence that we are where we are now.
Okay so maybe you could tell I'm missing him a LOT (sometimes it will just hit me really hard)! Thank goodness for letters. And that he is doing the work of the Lord because I know this is where he needs to be right now and that it is not our time, it is the Lords. It makes me think a lot about my mission as well, and also about what I can do now as far a missionary work goes, as well as what I can do to prepare for the future. It is true that sometimes the little and seemingly insignificant things are the things that matter most. And it is because of those things that I can continue day to day to put my life in perspective and think positive and follow the spirit and learn something new each day and recognize the many blessings I have.