Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I had a great time in california for christmas! it went by way too i'm back in idaho and its a few days before the semester starts so i decided it would be a good time to blog! we did so much (stace and I, she drove from arizona) that I'll just be highlighting a few of the things we did!)

before i left, julianne gave me christmas & birthday gifts! they came with me to california...i have to show them off because she is so talented! she makes and sells baby stuff as well and its all so cute!

Christmas eve our friend Kokob came over (after having a wonderful christmas eve dinner with a family in our ward~ its a tradition :) and stace and i had a crazy running around dropping off christmas treats- chocolate dipped pretzels!). she gave us christmas scarves she made, as well as some yummy cookies...

Christmas morning we ate breakfast and i also talked to some friends and family to wish them merry christmas (and feliz navidad!). I love my family and i wish we could have all been together!
We went to visit a friend before heading out to rocklin to our grandparents house in the afternoon and we ate tons of delish food (stace and i made the stuffed celery), had a fun gift exchange, and hung out and caught up on life! i got an assortment of christmas cookies from my aunt lori and the ones with the chocolate in the middle are soo good! i definitely got geared up for a cold idaho winter because my aunt sharon gave me a scarf and gloves which will come in handy when it gets below 0!! We had a smaller crowd this year...we are all spreading out and its harder to get together like we used to!

i also loved looking at a lot of the old photos that my grandparents have up at their house (my dad's side of the family) of my dad when he was little and his brothers and sisters!

you'll have to be sure to check out my sister's blog
for more pictures from the week because she will give a more detailed/full of pics post
! on my birthday she took me to a kings game against cleavland and also out to eat and we also went and saw the movie "blindside" which was SO good, i recommend it!!
we also did some thrift store shopping (woodland has the if you want to find some amazingly good deals you have to go there (and invite me along! i will help you find them!)
My sister stace also made me a cool photo collage calendar which came in the mail today! i love surprises and it has so many memories in it because she used recent photos as well as ones from when we were little!

I cant forget two other people that made my holiday so great, carissa and nicole! We have been friends since we were like 12 and have had a lot of fun times together! They have both since married, and all of us are in different states- Arizona (Stace), Idaho (me), Utah (Nicole) and Alabama (Carissa). They were both in woodland for christmas and we had a few get togethers, talking and laughing and catching up on life!
We were able to stop by and visit a lot of families and friends! it was so great to see them all and i can't wait to see you all again (probably in the summer!) it is such a great feeling to be able to see friends that you haven't seen in a while and be able to pick up where you left off and laugh and enjoy a few moments of life together!

The most important part of Christmas is Christ! I am so grateful for his birth and the significance of His life and the gift that He gave all of us!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was a day of S's....
sunshine (and it was actually not super super cold! love days like that, especially in idaho!

I love the smell of skittles!  Next time before you eat them, take a moment to smell them. Oh, and I found a snacksize in my backpack (descreetly snacked on during class!)

SMILE! I went back over to return Julianne's cookie sheet and saw baby hailey (2 days in a row)! She fed herself (with my help) and man, she is SO cute! She is getting some teeth in now. And, she has a really loud scream! (she was just screaming to scream...)
Plus Julianne 'cause we update each other on whats up.

Hmmm and now I get to do some more homework. 3 days till Thanksgiving break! Can't wait! 
I also sent some delicious

to Rolfy today...yep...and they are pretty much 'cause they have cinnamon chips and chocolate chips in them and them and nice and soft....mmmm.

And one last thing...i watched this and it happens to have one of my most favorite quotes ever on it by Elder Wirthlin from this talk

Have a great evening! Now its cold and dark outside...sleep is calling my name early tonight! 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want to be a missionary again. This feeling come back over and over again and sometimes it hits me really hard, like right now. I wish I could explain how deeply I feel it!
At the beginning they tell you to make the most of every moment, every opportunity to teach and to learn and to feel the spirit and see the miracles because 1. you will never have those same kinds of experiences again (being a full time missionary) and 2. because it goes by so fast and you want to look back on it as the best experience of your life.
And the good thing about that, is that I can.
The bad thing about it is, I can and its true that I can't go back.
Not to like how it was before.
I want the simplicity of the mission. Of waking up and knowing that I had one focus, one goal.
I know what I learned is going to be tested now, over and over again. Because I learned what I learned and grew in certain ways for a purpose.
The Lord knows I have it but it isn't just to have.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My halloween was celebrated more the weekend before halloween then actually on halloween! I was in SLC and as you can see we had some adventures! Don't worry, no one got hurt!

why did I end up next to the spider!?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today is November 3rd. I can't believe we are in November already! My classes are going...okay for the most part. With the exception of spanish and math. I'm stressed out and have a lot to do and am also looking for a job. Next week I'll register for classes for winter. I'm also deciding if I'm going to stay here in this apartment complex! It has its pros and cons.
Rodolfo is now Elder Moreno. He went into the MTC last Wednesday (has it really only been a week, it feels like more...) and we have been writing and it is really hard not talking to him because he is who I would talk to every day and when I felt down or upset or happy or excited or had good new or bad news or needed advice or wanted to give advice lol he was always just a phone call away. I am really glad i had the weekends I had to go visit him and also for being there his last day before he left to go to the MTC. A little crazy, I know...I left early early Monday morning (of last week) after being there the weekend to come back here to school for my classes (he almost came with me) and we had talked about me coming back up one more time but it looked like there was going to be snow, so that is why he didn't drive up with me to Rexburg. After my classes I couldn't stand the thought of not being with him one more time before he left, so after checking the weather forecasts, I grabbed my laptop and my backpack and a few other things and headed back to Salt Lake City! I felt so peaceful, calm and so happy going back...and a little crazy 'cause I was just there earlier that day! But it didn't matter, I was going to see him again and it turned out to be just what I needed.
There was some snow on Tuesday (we had a little trouble getting to the West Jordan temple where we did a session) but it just snowed on and off. Monday night was great to hang out with his family and talk and eat and Tuesday we went to the temple, ate at Subway, got a few more things he needed, etc, and then at 7pm we went to the stake center and met up with his family and his bishop and he was set apart as a missionary! Before I left to go back to Rexburg, he gave me a blessing. I have no regrets going back (the 3 1/2 hr drive is so familiar now!) and I am greatcoat for all the memories we have together so far! From how we first met, to when he told me how he felt about me, to seeing how it wasn't coincidence that we are where we are now.
Okay so maybe you could tell I'm missing him a LOT (sometimes it will just hit me really hard)! Thank goodness for letters. And that he is doing the work of the Lord because I know this is where he needs to be right now and that it is not our time, it is the Lords. It makes me think a lot about my mission as well, and also about what I can do now as far a missionary work goes, as well as what I can do to prepare for the future. It is true that sometimes the little and seemingly insignificant things are the things that matter most. And it is because of those things that I can continue day to day to put my life in perspective and think positive and follow the spirit and learn something new each day and recognize the many blessings I have.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have been debating about myself if 1. i really work better under pressure or 2. just procrastinate.

Right now I am applying this to school but I also think about when I had those sacrament meeting talks and although I thought about the topic a lot beforehand, it never made its way onto paper (or my computer) very easily. I talked about the topic, ask opinions and end up with a lot of information that I could share with others. But it was usually the day (and night) before that I ended up writing something along the lines of what I ended up saying.

I have been thinking about this because I have a paper to write, spanish verb tenses to memorize (which don't really count because I dont have to write an essay or review on them), a book report, etc. I love my classes, they are so interesting and I come out of them wanting to learn more and explore new ideas and do more with my life. I feel so much more of an appreciation for the opportunities I have been given. Then I remember that I have to still...write the paper, the news review, book report. I think its more of the grading process than the learning process is why we do them. And to help on the tests sometimes.

It does help to have an incentive though! I am going to utah (weekend roadtrip) so I need to get these things done! Math is in a totally different category but I am on top of that one so far.

But really, when I think about school, its more like....
Its a huge stepping stone leading me closer to where I want to be.
To having more choices and opportunities.
It is teaching me about sacrifice.
Also about reevaluating my priorities.
And giving me more contacts.
Opening my eyes about what is going on in the world on different levels (probably because of my major, not because im in rexburg!)

Thursday. Almost Friday! I am leaving right after my last class. I'll be back Sunday!
Mom and Dad are coming to Rexburg next week!
Its a beautiful day!
I'm still looking for a job.
I love the missionaries in my life- right now its my brother Jeff and my daughter (in the mission) Hermana Hernandez. and in about a month...Elder Moreno! <3

Back to memorizing spanish verb tenses. there are only 16...

Friday, September 11, 2009


I started school officially (again) at BYUI yesterday! It is going to be a good semester. and a busy one. so i thought i'd give an update right now and hopefully a few more throughout the semester. I have to say first of all that all my teachers seem really good.
I am taking a math class (algebra) mwf it is my first class of the day at 9am. Math is my least favorite subject but i must bite the bullet because i plan to graduate in 3 semesters and i have 3 math classes to take!
I have my race/ethnicity class mwf i am pretty much zipping out of math to get up to the ricks building right after! My teacher is gone until next wednesday so today we watched a video. All my classes have a ton of reading, this class has an extra reading assignment/book report to do and we have like 5 books to choose from.
Next i have human relationships/leadership class in the same building (thank goodness) because its just 15 after my race/ethnicity class. what i love about my sociology classes are that they are so so interesting! The teacher for this class is amazing in all he has done in his life.
I had a spanish class tth 7:45-8:15 mtwth but then the teacher told me i actually needed to be in a different spanish class so today i started in my spanish lit class (mwf 3:15-4:15- i wanted an earlier class but that is the earliest they had open). I felt right at home in that class! because of all the spanish. I was worried at first that it might be tooo advanced but it is designed for non native speaking returned missionaries! We all went around and introduced ourselves and where we served and that was really neat. And the best part is that i can test out of 3 other spanish classes = 12 credits!
On tth i have another sociology class (social problems) and that seems like it will be an interesting class, we are going to talk about a lot of issues in the world today, a lot of social problems.
so that is my schedule! I jumped right on my math homework today between classes so i have that all done for monday. And i have other homework in my other classes as well...a lot of reading mostly and and few assignments to turn in. when you are back you are back! i have to admit its a little weird still because i was here before and things are different and all that but overall its good. i have seen a few friends from the mission!! that has been so great! also, julianne, shawn and hailey are here and i stayed with them a couple nights when i first got here. then i went back to utah. and then came back here. so i have done a lot of driving, had a ton of fun, started working hard again in my education and am looking for a job!
I also got to spend a few days having a lot of fun with my bf, rolfy (as stace calls him)...we did a ton...we were going to go to idaho right away but we started out spending most of the day in utah :) and went to lagoon, then to imax to see space mysteries, and got icecream and hung out and to temple square for a little while and then left for idaho and stayed at juliannes and i moved in, we went to church, to the park, and drove back to utah and on wednesday i was with some of the hermanas in the branch for most of the day until i went to pick up rolfy from work and then i got a new laptop!!!!! love it- im on it right now! and we went back to his house to eat and then...i had to leave to come back to idaho because school was going to start the next day! so anyways, we went all over and he drove to idaho the first time and back (he is the best!) because after driving from cali to utah i really wanted a lil break from driving so much!
so even though i didnt think i'd be back here to go to school here i am, and there are pros about being here, including the temple that is super close. i live in hillcrest townhouses and i am on the east side of campus.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


so at the fair i entered into almost all the giveaways they had...(i do this a lot!). AND...guess what? I won! A starbucks going to go pick it up tomorrow. nice surprise 'cause i usually fill out those things and forget about them.

what is your favorite thing to get at starbucks?
when starbucks was new i thought all they sold was coffee. i later learned that there were other delicious beverages awaiting my tastebuds!

i love their frappachinos. my favorite was the tangerine but they dont have the tang syrup anymore! so sad.

still looking for housing. i found a place i really want to move into and there is a girl who wants to sell her contract BUT she isn't emailing me back. I will let you know. They are townhouses and only 4 girls live there instead of the usual 6. that will be nice (praying that i get it!). and its really close to the building where i have 3 classes.

Monday, August 24, 2009

its a good monday when...

You come home from work after a looong day and find out you get a settlement check from a place you used to work for that you didn't even know was doing some kind of settlement for! yay! that made my day. it will mostly be spent on books probably but I'll take it!
This week im packing for AriZonA! so excited to go! work is work.
I'm finding a place to live for fall. i'm trying to decide between 2 different places. Its been so long since i've been there and a lot has changed so basically im going off nothing as far as knowing what is good or not. except if a place is full/has a waiting list i pretty much can assume its a good place i guess. Anyways, everyone seems a lot more concerned about me finding housing than i am. i dont know if that is a good thing? I talked to mom this morning and she said something along the lines of "well at least you have a nice car you can sleep in!" dad's comment was "are you finding curtains for your car?" stace had a bunch of questions if i had found a place to live as well. OK its my goal of this week to get housing! Before I go to AZ! I'll keep you updated on where i'll be!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the time is a little different here from SA

When I went to check my email to my joy (and dismay) i found an email from Jeff! I was planning on writing him today. He said his email day right now that he is in the MTC is Saturday but last week we didnt get an email from him until I think the best thing to do is to email him Friday. Man, I feel bad because I know how important getting mail is to a missionary!
Sooo...guess what. Sunday = good day to write to missionary brother! 'cause besides just getting emails, getting that envelope in the mail with your name on it with the return address being someone you know and have been wondering or thinking about, is the best feeling ever!

I'm going thrift store shopping in a few minutes with Betty. I love the weekends. Last Sunday I went over and had dinner with the Curtemans. Love that family! Jackie is a great cook! We had baked chicken & asparagus, salad, pasta, and for dessert this delicious angelfoodcake strawberry & whipped cream dessert. Afterwards we played a fun game. It was so cute, Camille called me in the afternoon to invite me over for dinner. They are all growing up so fast! I can't believe Spencer has started college and Matthew has started jr high! I will miss them a lot when i go back to school.


Friday, August 14, 2009

hmmm update

I'm going to Arizona in a couple weeks! I'm really excited because I get to hang out with Stace and also with Rene, Paul, and Joey! The only thing I'm worried about is that I might like it so much that I'll want to stay longer! haha. Also, my friend Stef lives in Arizona now too and hopefully we'll be able to get together.

I'll also be heading to Idaho to go back to school in September. School starts on the 10th and I'm driving first to Utah a few days earlier and then to Rexburg (BYU-Idaho). I got most of my classes (math, a bunch of sociology classes, and a spanish class). I need to add a different spanish class because the only one they had an opening for is way earlier than I want to get up! It starts at 6:45 AM!! I got up at 6:30 this morning and I thought about that early class that I have in my schedule and...thats not going to work so well! So I'm watching for an opening for one that is later in the day.
My major is sociology with a minor in spanish. I am still looking for housing up there. If you have any advice on apartment complexes, feel free to share! I'm sure things have changed a bit since I've been up there last.
The best part of being there in Rexburg is that I'll be able to see my sister Julianne and my cute niece Hailey!! I'm so excited for that! Also, I'm only 3 1/2 hours from SLC, and 5 hrs from some more of my fam. Its not the same as being in CaLiFoRnIa though :( or in AZ with Stace...but I only have 3 semesters left and I've been assigned winter/spring track with permission to start in the fall so I can do the 3 semesters in a row and graduate!
ok well that is the whole school update so if you read this you'll have a better idea whats going on.

And now a few photos...

With my grandparents...we all went out to eat while Jeff was here.

With my awesome friends Barbara and Khristine! We met up in Davis while there were here visiting and had a lot of fun catching up and eating at Crepeville and Ben & Jerrys! I can't wait to visit them in New York sometime!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

7 things...

Seven things I did today...

1. Took Linda to the airport

2. Talked to Hna Nepomuceno, Hna Hernandez & Hna Moreno!!! :D

3. Washed my car

4. Filled out job applications

5. Called Evan to wish him HaPpY bIrThDaY (he is 13 now!)

6. Worked on getting everything sorted out for school

7. Read some articles/quotes to see what I want to use in my talk in a couple weeks.

Jeff leaves for his mission on the 4th! I can't believe it! He is going to be an amazing missionary and have so many life changing and wonderful experiences!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


At 6:30 AM this morning I went to the stake center to report to the high council about my mission. Two other missionaries were also reporting and it was neat to hear about their experiences as well (in Taiwan and Colorado). I love the mission so much! You know, its true I never really understood before when RM's would get so excited to talk about their mission and just all happy and everything BUT NOW I GET IT....yep I have the returned missionary "i love talking about my mission" syndrome. I want to keep the feeling with me forever of how I felt serving the Lord full time. I recommend it for everyone! There is definitely nothing else like it.
I also got to speak in sacrament meeting in my ward (also about the mission) and to bear my testimony in spanish (I also did that in the high council meeting) and that was great! I also got a calling in my ward today as Young Women's secretary! I am really excited! The leaders are really enthusiastic and I have good experiences of young women's myself and want to be able to help the girls to have great experiences and memories of young womens.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey, I'm making a new blog for a a couple reasons...

-I can't get into my old one at all (I've tried just about everything)
-People still want me to make a blog!

(blogging is not my strongest quality but with some reminders I should be able to update it every now and then).

Today is Saturday. I'm speaking in sacrament meeting tomorrow to talk about my mission! I have been thinking and writing about the different experiences I want to share and it has made me so happy to do that!
Then in the mail today I got a letter from my last companion, Hna Hernandez, and she sent me 3 pictures, including one of Jose, who is a recent convert, of him at the temple open house, as well as one of Luis at his baptism! He was baptized on July 5th!
This is me and Hna Hernandez when I went to see her a couple weeks ago at the Oquirr Mountain Temple open house. I was so excited to see her and the other sisters there!