Tuesday, August 25, 2009


so at the fair i entered into almost all the giveaways they had...(i do this a lot!). AND...guess what? I won! A starbucks giftcard...im going to go pick it up tomorrow. nice surprise 'cause i usually fill out those things and forget about them.

what is your favorite thing to get at starbucks?
when starbucks was new i thought all they sold was coffee. i later learned that there were other delicious beverages awaiting my tastebuds!

i love their frappachinos. my favorite was the tangerine but they dont have the tang syrup anymore! so sad.

still looking for housing. i found a place i really want to move into and there is a girl who wants to sell her contract BUT she isn't emailing me back. I will let you know. They are townhouses and only 4 girls live there instead of the usual 6. that will be nice (praying that i get it!). and its really close to the building where i have 3 classes.

Monday, August 24, 2009

its a good monday when...

You come home from work after a looong day and find out you get a settlement check from a place you used to work for that you didn't even know was doing some kind of settlement for! yay! that made my day. it will mostly be spent on books probably but I'll take it!
This week im packing for AriZonA! so excited to go! work is work.
I'm finding a place to live for fall. i'm trying to decide between 2 different places. Its been so long since i've been there and a lot has changed so basically im going off nothing as far as knowing what is good or not. except if a place is full/has a waiting list i pretty much can assume its a good place i guess. Anyways, everyone seems a lot more concerned about me finding housing than i am. i dont know if that is a good thing? I talked to mom this morning and she said something along the lines of "well at least you have a nice car you can sleep in!" dad's comment was "are you finding curtains for your car?" stace had a bunch of questions if i had found a place to live as well. OK its my goal of this week to get housing! Before I go to AZ! I'll keep you updated on where i'll be!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the time is a little different here from SA

When I went to check my email to my joy (and dismay) i found an email from Jeff! I was planning on writing him today. He said his email day right now that he is in the MTC is Saturday but last week we didnt get an email from him until Sunday...so I think the best thing to do is to email him Friday. Man, I feel bad because I know how important getting mail is to a missionary!
Sooo...guess what. Sunday = good day to write to missionary brother! 'cause besides just getting emails, getting that envelope in the mail with your name on it with the return address being someone you know and have been wondering or thinking about, is the best feeling ever!

I'm going thrift store shopping in a few minutes with Betty. I love the weekends. Last Sunday I went over and had dinner with the Curtemans. Love that family! Jackie is a great cook! We had baked chicken & asparagus, salad, pasta, and for dessert this delicious angelfoodcake strawberry & whipped cream dessert. Afterwards we played a fun game. It was so cute, Camille called me in the afternoon to invite me over for dinner. They are all growing up so fast! I can't believe Spencer has started college and Matthew has started jr high! I will miss them a lot when i go back to school.


Friday, August 14, 2009

hmmm update

I'm going to Arizona in a couple weeks! I'm really excited because I get to hang out with Stace and also with Rene, Paul, and Joey! The only thing I'm worried about is that I might like it so much that I'll want to stay longer! haha. Also, my friend Stef lives in Arizona now too and hopefully we'll be able to get together.

I'll also be heading to Idaho to go back to school in September. School starts on the 10th and I'm driving first to Utah a few days earlier and then to Rexburg (BYU-Idaho). I got most of my classes (math, a bunch of sociology classes, and a spanish class). I need to add a different spanish class because the only one they had an opening for is way earlier than I want to get up! It starts at 6:45 AM!! I got up at 6:30 this morning and I thought about that early class that I have in my schedule and...thats not going to work so well! So I'm watching for an opening for one that is later in the day.
My major is sociology with a minor in spanish. I am still looking for housing up there. If you have any advice on apartment complexes, feel free to share! I'm sure things have changed a bit since I've been up there last.
The best part of being there in Rexburg is that I'll be able to see my sister Julianne and my cute niece Hailey!! I'm so excited for that! Also, I'm only 3 1/2 hours from SLC, and 5 hrs from some more of my fam. Its not the same as being in CaLiFoRnIa though :( or in AZ with Stace...but I only have 3 semesters left and I've been assigned winter/spring track with permission to start in the fall so I can do the 3 semesters in a row and graduate!
ok well that is the whole school update so if you read this you'll have a better idea whats going on.

And now a few photos...

With my grandparents...we all went out to eat while Jeff was here.

With my awesome friends Barbara and Khristine! We met up in Davis while there were here visiting and had a lot of fun catching up and eating at Crepeville and Ben & Jerrys! I can't wait to visit them in New York sometime!