Tuesday, August 25, 2009


so at the fair i entered into almost all the giveaways they had...(i do this a lot!). AND...guess what? I won! A starbucks giftcard...im going to go pick it up tomorrow. nice surprise 'cause i usually fill out those things and forget about them.

what is your favorite thing to get at starbucks?
when starbucks was new i thought all they sold was coffee. i later learned that there were other delicious beverages awaiting my tastebuds!

i love their frappachinos. my favorite was the tangerine but they dont have the tang syrup anymore! so sad.

still looking for housing. i found a place i really want to move into and there is a girl who wants to sell her contract BUT she isn't emailing me back. I will let you know. They are townhouses and only 4 girls live there instead of the usual 6. that will be nice (praying that i get it!). and its really close to the building where i have 3 classes.

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Maria said...

Ha! This post made me smile. You are the winning-est person I know! Nice to see that you have a blog back up again! Maria