Monday, August 24, 2009

its a good monday when...

You come home from work after a looong day and find out you get a settlement check from a place you used to work for that you didn't even know was doing some kind of settlement for! yay! that made my day. it will mostly be spent on books probably but I'll take it!
This week im packing for AriZonA! so excited to go! work is work.
I'm finding a place to live for fall. i'm trying to decide between 2 different places. Its been so long since i've been there and a lot has changed so basically im going off nothing as far as knowing what is good or not. except if a place is full/has a waiting list i pretty much can assume its a good place i guess. Anyways, everyone seems a lot more concerned about me finding housing than i am. i dont know if that is a good thing? I talked to mom this morning and she said something along the lines of "well at least you have a nice car you can sleep in!" dad's comment was "are you finding curtains for your car?" stace had a bunch of questions if i had found a place to live as well. OK its my goal of this week to get housing! Before I go to AZ! I'll keep you updated on where i'll be!

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Stacie said...

NICE that you got a settlement check! What does that mean? You didnt even tell me about it yesterday when I called! lets see though, I didnt tell you about a free trip I won through my dental "insurance". BOoYeAH! Its for reals. LOL @ Dad's comment to get curtains for your car Best of luck to finding a place to live!