Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have been debating about myself if 1. i really work better under pressure or 2. just procrastinate.

Right now I am applying this to school but I also think about when I had those sacrament meeting talks and although I thought about the topic a lot beforehand, it never made its way onto paper (or my computer) very easily. I talked about the topic, ask opinions and end up with a lot of information that I could share with others. But it was usually the day (and night) before that I ended up writing something along the lines of what I ended up saying.

I have been thinking about this because I have a paper to write, spanish verb tenses to memorize (which don't really count because I dont have to write an essay or review on them), a book report, etc. I love my classes, they are so interesting and I come out of them wanting to learn more and explore new ideas and do more with my life. I feel so much more of an appreciation for the opportunities I have been given. Then I remember that I have to still...write the paper, the news review, book report. I think its more of the grading process than the learning process is why we do them. And to help on the tests sometimes.

It does help to have an incentive though! I am going to utah (weekend roadtrip) so I need to get these things done! Math is in a totally different category but I am on top of that one so far.

But really, when I think about school, its more like....
Its a huge stepping stone leading me closer to where I want to be.
To having more choices and opportunities.
It is teaching me about sacrifice.
Also about reevaluating my priorities.
And giving me more contacts.
Opening my eyes about what is going on in the world on different levels (probably because of my major, not because im in rexburg!)

Thursday. Almost Friday! I am leaving right after my last class. I'll be back Sunday!
Mom and Dad are coming to Rexburg next week!
Its a beautiful day!
I'm still looking for a job.
I love the missionaries in my life- right now its my brother Jeff and my daughter (in the mission) Hermana Hernandez. and in about a month...Elder Moreno! <3

Back to memorizing spanish verb tenses. there are only 16...

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