Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want to be a missionary again. This feeling come back over and over again and sometimes it hits me really hard, like right now. I wish I could explain how deeply I feel it!
At the beginning they tell you to make the most of every moment, every opportunity to teach and to learn and to feel the spirit and see the miracles because 1. you will never have those same kinds of experiences again (being a full time missionary) and 2. because it goes by so fast and you want to look back on it as the best experience of your life.
And the good thing about that, is that I can.
The bad thing about it is, I can and its true that I can't go back.
Not to like how it was before.
I want the simplicity of the mission. Of waking up and knowing that I had one focus, one goal.
I know what I learned is going to be tested now, over and over again. Because I learned what I learned and grew in certain ways for a purpose.
The Lord knows I have it but it isn't just to have.

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