Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I had a great time in california for christmas! it went by way too i'm back in idaho and its a few days before the semester starts so i decided it would be a good time to blog! we did so much (stace and I, she drove from arizona) that I'll just be highlighting a few of the things we did!)

before i left, julianne gave me christmas & birthday gifts! they came with me to california...i have to show them off because she is so talented! she makes and sells baby stuff as well and its all so cute!

Christmas eve our friend Kokob came over (after having a wonderful christmas eve dinner with a family in our ward~ its a tradition :) and stace and i had a crazy running around dropping off christmas treats- chocolate dipped pretzels!). she gave us christmas scarves she made, as well as some yummy cookies...

Christmas morning we ate breakfast and i also talked to some friends and family to wish them merry christmas (and feliz navidad!). I love my family and i wish we could have all been together!
We went to visit a friend before heading out to rocklin to our grandparents house in the afternoon and we ate tons of delish food (stace and i made the stuffed celery), had a fun gift exchange, and hung out and caught up on life! i got an assortment of christmas cookies from my aunt lori and the ones with the chocolate in the middle are soo good! i definitely got geared up for a cold idaho winter because my aunt sharon gave me a scarf and gloves which will come in handy when it gets below 0!! We had a smaller crowd this year...we are all spreading out and its harder to get together like we used to!

i also loved looking at a lot of the old photos that my grandparents have up at their house (my dad's side of the family) of my dad when he was little and his brothers and sisters!

you'll have to be sure to check out my sister's blog
for more pictures from the week because she will give a more detailed/full of pics post
! on my birthday she took me to a kings game against cleavland and also out to eat and we also went and saw the movie "blindside" which was SO good, i recommend it!!
we also did some thrift store shopping (woodland has the if you want to find some amazingly good deals you have to go there (and invite me along! i will help you find them!)
My sister stace also made me a cool photo collage calendar which came in the mail today! i love surprises and it has so many memories in it because she used recent photos as well as ones from when we were little!

I cant forget two other people that made my holiday so great, carissa and nicole! We have been friends since we were like 12 and have had a lot of fun times together! They have both since married, and all of us are in different states- Arizona (Stace), Idaho (me), Utah (Nicole) and Alabama (Carissa). They were both in woodland for christmas and we had a few get togethers, talking and laughing and catching up on life!
We were able to stop by and visit a lot of families and friends! it was so great to see them all and i can't wait to see you all again (probably in the summer!) it is such a great feeling to be able to see friends that you haven't seen in a while and be able to pick up where you left off and laugh and enjoy a few moments of life together!

The most important part of Christmas is Christ! I am so grateful for his birth and the significance of His life and the gift that He gave all of us!

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