Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stace suggested I blog about this (when I called her on the way to church this morning) and thinking about it right now, why not?

Last night we found out our church hours had been changed from 1pm to 9am. I set my alarm to have enough time to be up and get there in time to play prelude music (I was asked to play the piano for sacrament meeting because about 80% of the ward is new and they weren't sure who played the piano yet).
so...this morning i wake up at 7am and I think to myself "good, i still have a little time to sleep" because I felt incredibly sleepy. next thing I know I open my eyes and see that my alarm clock (which i dont think ever went off!) says 9:02.
Panic!! so...basically there goes playing in sacrament meeting, plus being LATE (i really dont like being late!)
I hurry and get ready and walk to church (about a 10 min walk). I was sitting outside of the door for a while because I didn't want to disrupt going in but still wanted to hear the testimonies (fast and testimony sunday). Then a nice girl come out and when she returns to go back in she invites me to go in and sit with her so i walk in with her and the key is to just act normal...a mistake is a mistake...getting up late happens...its embarassing sometimes...but life goes on! I apologized to the bishop afterwards and he was fine and said i could redeem myself at ward prayer tonight haha. the guy who ended up playing the closing prayer was amazing (the girl in relief society too) so I think the ward got the better end of the deal with me being late!
I really enjoyed talking to some of the ward members that are here again from last semester and I also met some new people who seem really nice.
So. that was my morning. I'm home now and have the rest of the day, which is a lot different than last semester.

How was your Sunday?

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