Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today was my first day of school (for winter semester)!
I had a criminal justice class and biology. both will be really interesting!
wanna see my books??? (plus one extra for a class tomorrow)

look close to see the sticker on all of my books which signifies they are "textbook rentals." Probably the best thing ever for a college student (if you don't have time to wait for shipping by ordering online, which can also be cheap). I got a really good deal on these three. I'm waiting until my other classes tomorrow to see if the books are really necessary. These three are so rented them for so much cheaper than what i would buy them for, even used.

I feel so blessed to be able to be going to school and furthering my education and to be able to do it at this school. Its hard work and I'll get stressed but the blessing are so much greater than the frustrations or stresses that I have in the moment.

In other news...
The first day of school lunch (its a tradition!) ended up being a dinner instead of a lunch and it was soyummy. I made soup in the crockpot and if you ever want to eat some delish soup let me know. I'll a) make some for you and we can enjoy the amazing goodness together b) send you the recipe and you can make it and then call me and i'll tell you to send me some or something...like that...anyways...I love soup in cold weather!

Julianne gave me an extra blender they had and a pizza stone they weren't using sooo I'm excited to make a pizza soon. Maybe for them. Or for me. And my roommates 'cause I have 2 new roommates and they seem pretty cool so far! So we might have to have a pizza night.

Wednesday is my longest day of school because of my biology lab (till 5:15). Today went by super fast. It was funny, I went to go get my books and I saw julianne there and she left before I did and then after I got my books I had to go to walmart and i was about to go in when i got a supergreat phone call and i was outside talking when julianne came out of walmart! so we were just following each other around ;)

well i have some more homework and some other reading to do as well. g'night!


Stacie said...

Whats your recipe for the crockpot soup? All I've made in mine so far is meat stuff...

Carissa said...

Hey Girl! Sounds like you are gonna have a busy semester but give me a call whenever you need a break or just want to chat!