Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This has been SO busy! Especially from the time on that I decided to to go Utah for the 3-day weekend. I am so excited about this! Utah feels in some ways so much like home-because of the familiarity from my mission and my friends who are there! I feel so blessed to be able to go and see some of them in 2 days! We (me and two friends) are driving there friday after classes and coming back Monday evening. I.cant.wait. Am I maybe a little tooo excited about this? Nope! ;)

This is only the first full week of school but I have been bombarded with work--I think that is why I am so excited as well for a change of scene.

I have a new calling, I'm the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society. I was the first last semester (in charge of teachers, lessons, music) and now as 2nd I'm in charge of planning the activities. I didn't even know there was a difference until I got into the calling last semester! I've been thinking of some possible activity ideas but any ideas you'd have I would love to hear!

I have found some good work out buddies (starting next week) roommates!! They have a ton of free classes and tonight they are at yoga (the starting next week is me because I have extra to do now because I'm going to utah friday) and along with yoga they have kickboxing, cycling, step, arobics, hip hop, zumba, advanced yoga..etc..they seriously have a ton of classes!

Thank goodness for Sunday! My ward meets at 9 now and i love coming home afterwards...and sunday I went to see julianne, shawn, and hailey and can i just say i have the cutest niece EVER!!! i love that little girl! she is starting to CRAWL!! love it. love her! (she is going to learn to say "la la"...I just need a little time...julianne? you want to go out? I'll babysit! :D

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