Thursday, January 21, 2010

Defining moments. I think a lot of them come when you least expect them.
I have had a few recently and they have made me change a few things.
You know how to know when you are getting good advice?
its when you KNOW that what you are hearing is right even if it is hard to accept, even when you don't completely agree, and then when you can't forget about the advice you were given. and then you start taking some baby steps and experimenting with the advice and testing it out to see what the results could be.
And then you realize that that person was right in part. WHAT. You were for sure that what you were doing before was the best but its true what they say, "you can't see the forest for the trees."
And the advice you got in the beginning you didn't even ask for! but it rarely comes that way...

I say this because I did get some advice, or more of an opinion a few months back and it wasn't what I wanted to hear. After we were done talking, what this person said kept coming back to me again and again and I pondered about pros and cons. It bugged me because I felt that things were good where I was but this person saw more than I could, saw more into the future than I could. Because I can see a little better now a few months later which has helped me accept changing. its kind of liberating in a way. Kind of hard. But it will be fun!


Well I also went to utah for the 3-day weekend!
It was just what I needed!!
then i got back to this week which has been super busy and kind of stressful.
but as for the weekend...more of a post and pics to come...


Betty said...

Well, that was mysterious.

Stacie said...

For reals Laura! what the heck were you talking about??! Great blog post but now im so curious what the advice was and what you did to change?????