Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was a day of S's....
sunshine (and it was actually not super super cold! love days like that, especially in idaho!

I love the smell of skittles!  Next time before you eat them, take a moment to smell them. Oh, and I found a snacksize in my backpack (descreetly snacked on during class!)

SMILE! I went back over to return Julianne's cookie sheet and saw baby hailey (2 days in a row)! She fed herself (with my help) and man, she is SO cute! She is getting some teeth in now. And, she has a really loud scream! (she was just screaming to scream...)
Plus Julianne 'cause we update each other on whats up.

Hmmm and now I get to do some more homework. 3 days till Thanksgiving break! Can't wait! 
I also sent some delicious

to Rolfy today...yep...and they are pretty much the.best.cookies.ever 'cause they have cinnamon chips and chocolate chips in them and them and nice and soft....mmmm.

And one last thing...i watched this and it happens to have one of my most favorite quotes ever on it by Elder Wirthlin from this talk

Have a great evening! Now its cold and dark outside...sleep is calling my name early tonight! 

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