Sunday, July 19, 2009


At 6:30 AM this morning I went to the stake center to report to the high council about my mission. Two other missionaries were also reporting and it was neat to hear about their experiences as well (in Taiwan and Colorado). I love the mission so much! You know, its true I never really understood before when RM's would get so excited to talk about their mission and just all happy and everything BUT NOW I GET IT....yep I have the returned missionary "i love talking about my mission" syndrome. I want to keep the feeling with me forever of how I felt serving the Lord full time. I recommend it for everyone! There is definitely nothing else like it.
I also got to speak in sacrament meeting in my ward (also about the mission) and to bear my testimony in spanish (I also did that in the high council meeting) and that was great! I also got a calling in my ward today as Young Women's secretary! I am really excited! The leaders are really enthusiastic and I have good experiences of young women's myself and want to be able to help the girls to have great experiences and memories of young womens.

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Stacie said...

woohoo , again i wish i could have been there. sweet pic btw