Thursday, February 4, 2010

I can't believe january is gone and we are already in the month of February! Time is flying by!!

I've been really busy these last couple weeks. Stace noticed because of a lack of, here are a few things that have been going on. Kind of but as I think about it, it would take way too long and a lot of it are things that to anyone else would seem insignificant (thats why I sometimes wonder why I blog!)

There are a ton of projects and work for school and that takes up a LOT of my time. I feel like I am memorizing more this semester than for any other so far!

This week I am focusing on looking at ideas for internships for sometime between August and December.

On Saturday i saw the movie "When in Rome" and it is a cute one! And pretty funny too! Def one to see with friends (like I did) or w/ a bf or husband (as Julianne mentioned).

I don't feel like working out is doing anything for me so far, just using some of the precious time during my day!

And, once again...I have the cutest niece in the world! We had some hailey & aunt laura (or aunt lala) bonding time today! Babies change so quickly! Love her and I wish my whole family could see her more often!

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Stacie said...

I need to see When In Rome I guess. I need to see Hailey again too but chances of that are less likely, I think the movie thing is more likely to happen! Bummer. Thanks for the update. Im excited to find out where you will be interning at