Tuesday, March 2, 2010

After a couple weeks? maybe three? I thought I should probably do some kind of bloggy update on mi vida. So, school is good, it is keeping me hopping! Things with the roommies are great and we have had our late night chats, decorating the apartment which now looks super awesome 'cause of all the color that is in here, going to a couple dances. Speaking of dances...beware (note to self). My life has taken some interesting turns because of them (dances, not my roommates haha) or maybe its just Utah that always seems to take my life in unexpected directions. Haha...is that vague enough for you? Sorry...if you want to know details just call me because I srsly need advice right now. bueno. well I'm going to utah this weekend (am I a glutton for punishment when i know what has happened in the past?) although I always have so much fun there and get to visit so many amazing people that I love every chance I have to go back! My friend needs a ride to her cousin's wedding and she is one of my fave ride compas so i was down for it! oh and a couple of my fhe bros are hitching a ride too. fun times. i'm leaving friday after classes and coming back sunday night (no 3-day weekend this time around). sooo that leaves me with a lot to do before then and time is flying by! como siempre. and tomorrow i should get my new cell (thanks stace!) but i'll keep the same number. i am not going to say anything about the weather because i dont want to jinx it but i will say that each day that goes by is a day closer to spring/summer!

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Stacie said...

UM YEAH time to update! you know this!