Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday- Utah
Friday- Arizona
Saturday- Mexico
Sunday-back to Utah.

Its going to be a whirlwind weekend...
(usually things are pretty chill...we do our thing...but its nice to mix it up!) will be a lot of hours in the car!

luckily I wont be alone.

And there will be warm weather and friends and fun!

And planning some surprises...for Rocky. Can't come back without surprises!

In other news...

I really need a new job...(need as in not just a "I dont like my job/tired of this job" type thing).
My hours aren't looking so hot right now.
Planning my classes...
Going to the gym.
(Rocky is my personal trainer. He is also the most motivational workout buddy!)
Enjoyed a few days of sun!
Looking forward to more traveling.
Enjoying Rocky's time off! Now, if the weather would cooperate...
Looking for a new apartment.
Hanging out with friends.
Wishing more of them were either closer or less busy!
My brother goes into the MTC NEXT WEEK! Texas, are you ready???
P.S...who in Provo wants to hang out on Wednesday?
And further ahead, my brother Jeff returns from his mission in S.Africa in August. Time flies!


Kris10 said...

What time on Wednesday???? I am living here, and can't believe I haven't seen you yet!

Laura said...

He reports at 1:30. I am not feeling good today though (I think its a 24 hr bug or something) but I will let you know the next time I'm in Provo! I would love to see you!