Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a few photos...and the best video ever!

Playtime with cousin Kayra (supervised of course!)
Happy baby!

Rocky and his mom at Tucanos!

Riley meeting his great grandpa!
Nicole and Riley!
At a salsa concert (Groupo Niche) with my sister in law Rossmary, cousin Eli, and friend Diana
The family came to visit for Riley's baby blessing (my parents, Evan, Stace and Tony, Jeff and McKayla, my mother in law and my niece Kayra)
Stacie and Tony helped us paint the restaurant! It took longer than expected but the stuck it out till the late (early) end!
Out to eat with Eli (Rocky's cousin) who came to visit from Japan!

Father's Day!

Crepeville with Kokob during our visit to California!

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