Thursday, November 15, 2012

 sooo...the month is flying by just like october flew by.

riley had a fun first halloween. trunk or treats, a cute costume, fun pictures! he was a little jack-o-lantern and the weather was great for the trunk or treat activities we were invited to. he came away with a steal of candy, but even better, a lot of great memories!

the first restaurant closed (also at the end of october) and...moving is a pain! i got a great deal on a storage unit for the time being until the new location opens. it was bittersweet because i have a lot of great memories of rocky and me there...lots of learning experiences from me working many things. but sometimes not everything is in your control and you have to look on to bigger and better things! the restaurant in sandy is still open and i am helping right now with their lunchtime delivery.

i went to some fun blogger events! rocky and i had a little date night at taste of chocolate and were able to support the cause of vaccinating ninos in other lands who don't have the funds to get vaccinations. there were a lot of kinds of chocolate to sample from different countries. also we won some sweet prizes, including a huge gift basket of chocolate treats from whole foods...yumm a chocolate granola with strawberries...caramel chocolate organic truffles...and a ton more!

i did miss out on a couple blogger events that i hope to be able to be a part of in the future! there was a great passionfruit blogger event, where you could go and get help with your blog...this (obvi!!!) would have been such a great one to go to because my blog...oh my blog! however, i carry on ;)

my awesome sweet friend edith, who was also one of my best companions on the mission came to visit from california! she also cam for a baptism and sealing but stayed a couple nights with us and it was great catching up, going out to eat at pei wei (her first time!) and of course riley getting to meet his tia (aunt) edith! i still call her hermana (sister) from the has just stuck! she is amazing and i can't wait to see her again!

i have also gotten to hang out more with my sister stace who also lives in utah. we have gone to some blogger events together and shopping...she gets coupons for free stuff at old navy and we went together last saturday to pick out free dresses! i got a cute black and white striped dress with 3/4 sleeves and she got a two toned blue sweater dress- great for winter! we always seem to run out of time so fast when we are hanging out.

riley is such a cutie cute cute little baby who doesn't want to be a baby! he is crawling like crazy, standing on his own and walking supported by the couch or whatever he is holding onto! he loves to feed himself cheerios and other finger foods and loves fruits and veggies! he is not a fan of rice cereal, snuggles, or getting dressed. he is super vocal and loves to play, read his books, be around other people and babies, and is so attentive! if there is something he wants he goes after it (especially because he is climbing and crawling faster now haha). he sleeps really well during the night and the whole family is happy about that! he really is such a sweet, lovable, happy little guy! we feel so blessed that his health has been excellent and even with him starting to get his teeth in this last week, he hasn't let it get him down! i got a lot of great tips from friends and family via facebook as well about teething!

i could go on and on about riley...he is growing and changing and all that fun stuff. but i will continue with...

We got a lot of snow last weekend!!! it was crazy and it has stuck around for most of the week but with the sun it has melted off somewhat. we hope to have good traveling weather for thanksgiving next week! it is so nice to be inside and watch the snow falling and is horrible to drive in! the city has been great about clearing the roads so far but saturday night i got a scare when it as coming down pretty heavily and i was out driving and of course no plow had been through. i got home safe and was happy to not have to go out again that night!

rocky has been going to the gym a lot, i am happy he has been able to get back into his regular routene because in october things got kind of crazy and he is a lot happier when he goes to the gym! i have to get back int othe whole gym thing as well...we are working out how we can go together because we always used to go together in the evenings before riley came home...and yesterday we both confessed how much we miss that! i know i can go on my own...and if i go during the day they have childcare there but i would rather go with rocky because it was something i really loved doing with him (even though we didn't do everything together it was having him there!)

and so things go....november is going by super fast and soon it will be december! i am blogging from the mac and i have no pics saved on here. i need another power cord for my hp. thats all! for me, blogs are more fun with pics so if you have read all this without the pics i hope you have used your imagination a bit! or if we are friends on facebook you can find cute pics of riley and some of the other things i talked about! goodnight!

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