Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today my suegra (mother-in-law) and la obacha (japaneese for grandma) left to go back home to Japan. It has been great having them here, they have been a great help and it has been fun getting to know them better, as well as Rocky's dad, who was here for 2 weeks for the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding...its never to late to post about it! Luckily it has only been a little while, even though time is flying by!

Planning for a wedding is a lot of work~ We definitely saw different sides of each other and gained more patience, realized the importance of a sense of humor, and more of our strengths and weaknesses. Rocky is the best and I know through it all he wanted me to be happy and I found there were some things he wanted for sure as well. The most important part is that we got married in the temple, which means we got married for time and all eternity, which means our marriage won't end with death. I love the gospel and knowing that I will be with Rocky forever! Thinking about that really helped to put things in perspective when things got overwhelming!

Our wedding day was beautiful...we knew it was going to get hot because it was July, but the morning was nice and cool and we headed to the temple in a silver convertible that Rocky's sister Roxy had rented for our special day! We met up with our families but inside the temple I lost my mom, but in the end they found her. I love the beautiful spirit that is in the Salt Lake City temple. It was great having all my brothers and sisters there (except Jeff!) and a lot of Rocky's family as well.

We spent time after our ceremony taking pictures and video until we were ALL famished and it had gotten pretty hot so went over to Thaifoon in the Gateway for lunch. We were quite the group, all 16 of us! The food was great as always, and I love going there because it was where Rocky and I went on our first date.

We had our reception in the evening at The Woods on Ninth. They were so super helpful in decorating and providing the appetizers and we had other food as well. When we pulled up it was great to see friends and family there waiting for us. I was missing a lot of my friends and the relatives in California who weren't able to make it and I knew Rocky was missing his family who weren't able to come as well. We are so grateful for all the support from our friends and family who were there and those who were there in spirit.

There were so many special moments throughout the day and it all went by so fast! We love having our wedding pictures displayed and remembering our day and each day I love Rocky more! He is everything! He is very patient and caring and fun and adventurous and we have so many plans for our future. I think about how we met and know it didn't happen by chance. He is who I need~ he helps me grow and face challenges and achieve my dreams. I want to do the same for him always. I love surprising him, our conversations, how he tells stories, how he loves his family. He really is the best!

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