Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The problem with not blogging as often is that when i go to blog I feel like I have sooo much to say that in the end it probably wont make a whole lot of sense! But here I go... ;) and I will have a post just for all the wedding details (this one is more about what has been going on since then). If you want to check out some of the wedding pics on fb let me know (if you need the link).

We have been married a month! (and 2 days!) and it is the best. When i think about it, it is the best because I am married to Rocky and for me he is the best ever! He is so thoughtful, fun, communicative, caring, and so much more. Every day we discover new things about each other. We work together part of the day at the restaurant- he is there all day because the other chef that was working (until a week after we got married) quit. That has put some plans on hold- like to have our california reception, because if he leaves they'll have to close the restaurant for the time we are gone. We are in the process of hiring though, because it is a lot of work for one person as well, espcially on the weekends and Mondays, which are our busiest days. There are times when we get home and he is soo tired from working all day and even though we want to go out and do something, sometimes its better for him to relax because the next day will be a lot of work as well. So hiring someone will give him more free time eventually and be a great help in the long run. I can see so many blessings from the Lord in strength and health for both of us, as well as for his sisters who live here as well.

Speaking of work, I am still working at Varsity during the day and then I work at the restaurant in the late afternoon to close. My schedule has just changed (because of school and all that) but I will still be working both jobs. Working at the restaurant is good (although it can get way busy sometimes!!) because Rocky is there, and besides learning about each other in a work environment, we get to see each other more than just a little in the morning and evening.

Rocky's family was here until just last week when they left to go back to Japan (his dad had to leave earlier, but his mom and grandma were here longer). We are planning on visiting them in December-January! I'm really excited to travel and learn and see more about a different culture. Also, Rocky has a ton of family in Japan so it will be nice to meet more of them. He also wants to meet more of my family...aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins. Right now there are some time constraints that we are working with but hopefully we'll be able to visit everyone soon! He encourages me to see my family & friends whenever it works out, which right now isn't very often, but now that my schedule is changing it should be a little easier. I miss my friends and i wish family was here (even though one of them will be soon! ahahaha!) I also want to do more as far as service goes and going out with the missionaries on splits, exploring more of utah, doing my internship etc. There is a little magazine here that is delivered to the restaurant called "Discovering Utah" and that has given me some good ideas and we have tried some new restaurants. Even in my "free time" it is scheduled but I think that no matter what you are doing, whether it be working, running errands, with family, in the middle of a crisis, or driving in your car, there is always something you can be thankful for and time goes by so fast that I realize now more than ever that there is something to learn from each experience in life and if we can learn in a positive way we ourselves grow, as well as that we gain the oppourtunity to teach others through our experiences and through our words and actions.

overall, thats just a little about life in general, there are many details but hopefully i will get to more of those in another post!!

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