Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life has been busy...
I'm now working full time because my supervisor is going on maternity leave next month (leaving me in charge, yikes!).
I started an institute class...and am planning the classes I'm going to take next semester (to finish my degree, just 2 semesters left!)
This week I need to get a haircut!
My friend Nicole and I have had some fun Saturdays hanging out, she is the best! I haven't had a lot of time to do all the normal "social" stuff so its so great to have a friend here that I have known almost forever.
The weather is starting to get colder at night but during the day its still sunny and warm...well mostly warm!
General conference (the twice a year conference held by my church) was amazing and I loved listening to it at home, on temple square, in the car. I twisted my ankle Sunday so most of that day I listened to it at home. It was after we tried to get into the conference center with our tickets but they were full (us and a lot of other people with tickets weren't able to get in...and we were there on time!) so we were super bummed about that because Rocky has never been to conference in the Conference Center (where the prophet and general authorities are). I am going to see if we can get tickets for the Christmas devotional.
And I can't forget to mention my mission reunion which was also soo fun because I saw some of my bestest best missionaries from the mission!!! Some were old companions, some were missionaries I served with in the same zone or district for a while and we all got along great and had our ups and downs that we love talking about now! Memories! :) It seriously made me so happy to see them!!! I miss the mission so much!!!
Well a lot of day to day stuff happens but this is a quick update to those of you who take a stop to see if there is anything new on my blog!
Oh, and we are planning on going to Idaho for Thanksgiving and CALIFORNIA for Christmas!!!! Super way super excited!!!! Our plans changed a bit because until the process of residency goes through and is finished for Rocky he can't leave the country w/o having to reapply from the country he goes to and that can take a lot longer.
Well thats about it for now!
Some pics from lately....

Edith (still Hna Diaz to me! ) came for my wedding and we got to hang out as well! Love her!

Disneyland? Yes please!!!

Claudia (Hna Nepo!!!) I have missed you!!!

A night at Sampans...(yes, he has since gotten rid of the facial hair!!! lol)

Can I just say how much I love everyone in this picture??? Yes please, thank you. I love you all!!


Stacie said...

woot im so famous im on your blog! love the pic of you and rocky at dinner. How is your ankle now?

Betty said...

Can't wait to see you at Christmas.