Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving surprise

I'm at working waiting for my car to be returned to me so I thought I'd write real quick.

Rocky and I went to Idaho for Thanksgiving at my parents house. It was a lot of fun!! The drive wasn't too scary (the way there we encountered more ice/snow than on the way back). We had been planning on going for a while and when it came down to the day to leave it was getting later and later and I had to go back to work (I went to my 2nd job that isn't really my job anymore to help out in the middle of the day) because of some things that needed to be finished up. When 7pm rolled around I was sad cause it was the day before thanksgiving and it was late if we were going to leave!! I got home and Rocky was there and we were talking about our options. My dad had said maybe we should just buy a turkey and have our own Thanksgiving (although I could tell in his voice he really wanted us to be there with everyone!) As we are talking Rocky suddenly says, "Lets go now! Why are we waiting? We can do it!" I love him! I was a little uncertain still 'cause it was late and it's a 5-6 hr drive and we didn't know what we would run into as far as the weather goes. And we were going to rent a car because my car we weren't sure was up to making the drive. He upped my enthusiasm and we packed real quick, filled up on gas, and took off! (We didn't mention to my family we had decided to leave that night…we like the element of surprise!!) Rocky was an amazing help in keeping me calm when we ran into snow and ice. We stopped off in Burley for the night and then drove the rest of the way in the morning (once we passed Twin Falls the roads were great!) We got more and more excited the closer we got and it was a big surprise for the family!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving day with lots of good food (I brought white chocolate chex mix, although it needs a new name because it doesn't have chex in it! I also attempted making rolls but they didn't rise. Luckily mom made her famous rolls so we were okay). Also hanging out, watching movies, playing, doing some black Friday shopping (although not as early as planned). The best part was seeing almost everyone together (we missed James and Jeffrey!) I love my family and its fun when we have the chance to get together. We headed back Friday evening and made good time back to Salt Lake City. And…as I usually head back Sunday night instead of a Friday I felt like I had a double weekend because I still had a Saturday and Sunday.

Now its on to Christmas and we have more surprises planned! I have some, I know Rocky has some up his sleeves too! We really do like surprises. J And we are looking forward to starting some old (passed down) and new Christmas traditions! What are some of yours?


Betty said...

Yay! I love Laura updates.

Stacie said...

im SO glad u guys came..i'd have been real sad if you didnt show up!