Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving pics!

Above: Hailey was the star of the show...her favorite was uncle Rocky (even though her parents claim she doesnt have "favorites" we know her favorites are uncle rocky and aunt laura!

Above: hmm...Tony tried to escape the picture!! We know its him because of the wedding colored shirt he has on!

Above & below: With everyone! (we convinced Dad we could put the timer on the camera...hahaha...he escaped one but not the other!)

Above: With our favorite little family of three!

Above: With Mom & Dad!

Above: With Matt & Evan...Evan grew even more and is now taller than me by a LOT! But not as tall as Matt yet! I wonder how they will compare in height with Jeff when he gets home?

Above: with Stace...we have fun with her when we are with her and when we are not with her (just thinking about her!)

Above: ahh...little Allison (who is now also taller than me, although i cant remember if she had shoes on?? I will say she did cause I need to be taller than at least ONE person in my family!! ;)

Here are some from Thanksgiving! We had so much fun that we didn't take many pictures until we realized some family was going to be leaving and so we took some real quick! Enjoy!

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Stacie said...

wut wut! surprises for each other? or surprises for who? i want to know one of the surprises!