Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've been sick this week :( Today is a laid-back kind of day to recuperate and be able to....go to work tomorrow. It was first a cold and the flu which turned into a bad cold and cough and now has an earache thrown in.

Rocky has been taking good care of me...Sundays are the best because we don't work.

I am dreaming of a vacation somewhere warm.

My passport came a couple weeks ago so this will soon become a reality.

Vacation will also include a California wedding (ok so I won't need my passport for that but it will still be fun. and warm!) I can't wait to see EVERYONE!!!

I got skype again and was all excited about skyping but it will prob work better when my voice starts working again.

Rocky has started working long weeks again (aka 74 hr weeks). At least we are kind-of-sort-of in the know because we had a few months of this before. This time it looks like it will be now until July.

I discovered a new thrift store. I still miss the best Goodwill, located in Woodland, CAlifornia.

I have been enjoying snow-free days!

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