Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ahhh so I am finally starting to feel better! Which means I am starting to have more energy and feel up to doing some of the things which were put to the side 'cause of being sick. The other good news is that Rocky feels a lot better as well. Is it just me or does the cold weather bring a lot more sickness?? Thinking about the past, I didn't get sick very often apart from an occasional cold. Sadness! That needs to change. I am currently upping my fruit and veggie intake.

moving on...

This week is flying by, work has been keeping me super busy and kind of stressed but I'm working on that.

Our plans may be changing once AGAIN...thats why what i say is happening isn't written in stone!

So, originally we were going to go to FL in APRIL but then looking at the restaurant situation (the restaurant I refer to as the "baby" because it is a year old and too young to be left on its own without someone we can trust in supervision). Right now that person who can be there 24/6 (we are open 6 days a week!) is Rocky. He has one sister who lives here in SLC but she is unable to be there 24/6 and his other sister who was here visiting just went back to Japan. We weren't sure when she'd be coming back so we decided to put off FL till JULY (when classes start again) and by that time hopefully we would have a trustworthy person in position to take over. Those people are really hard to find! Sometimes we think we have one and then little by little we see they are not. They are still good people but not someone we can trust to run the business.

However, now it looks like his other sister is coming back in the next couple weeks! We need to find out how long she is planning to stay and also how long they give her on her visa. Depending on that, we may end up going back to our original plan of FL in APRIL. Crazy, huh?

How do I feel about all this?? Well I know we will get out there at one point or another. It is Rocky's dream to study at Le Cordon Bleu. He knows the restaurant can continue to have success and grow and develop into something great if the right people are there. They are in a really good place right now and we dont want to lose that, we want to improve and grow. I can see that as well, so if we end up staying here until July, I know its for a good reason and we will be just as motivated to go in July as we are to go in April. (Plus, if we go in July that will have us in FL through March/April of 2012, avoiding the freezing cold of UTAH!) Yes, we plan on coming back to Utah, at least for a little while. We are not planning on living here our whole lives and we are not sure where we will end up (we have our plans and ideas!).

So thats the latest as far as Florida goes. Why Florida? It is where they have the culinary program taught in Spanish. Rocky is learning English but he will understand and advance a lot quicker by taking the program in Spanish.

We are waiting on more documents/interviews in Rocky's residency process. It takes a lot of patience, we should have gotten something last week but nothing came so each day I am checking the mailbox in hopes of having the next letter we need.


Stacie said...

Yay you updated! Hopefully the mail you guys are waiting for comes soon. GOSH wellllll all I care is that you are both there for my wedding. Only bc Rocky still has not made it out to CA and its now or never. Srsly. You both need to come and just make it happen, I dont care what it takes. Sell your eggs. Jk. But just be there!

Anonymous said...

Aww good thing you are starting to feel better! I just got the winter sickness and it STINKS.. cannot wait to feel better!! I hope everything works out with your restaurant and vacation to FL :) Florida is awesome so I hope you get to go when you want to!! I love how you call the restaurant your baby ;)