Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Things to Come

Mondays can be was one of those Mondays, work is stressful and so I took a few breaks today to watch some Mormon Messages because there are days that need a little more uplifting messages than others and it makes me feel thankful for what I have and feel more hope in the moments that are hard and lately I have felt there have been...nothing HUGE but just those personal challenges/things I need to improve on/be happier about/change in my life.

We are both feeling a TON better! It really makes a big difference! I am not kissing Rocky again when he is sick!! (just kisses on the cheek!) It may be hard but its worth it because this flu/cold/sickness/cough/losing my voice/earache...went on too long!! Rocky did take good care of me (and I took good care of him) and we both agree that on our list of things to do is avoid the drama llama of sickness!!! We are not fans. That one has been sent away. To another planet actually, one where there is no one who can catch what they have! And...guess what was just delivered to my office? 1. hand sanitizer 2. sanitizing wipes. Thank you. That would have been helpful the last couple weeks as well!! (although I have my supply of Lysol in the house and in my office, so I'm not alone!)

Work has been crazy for both of us and this week is shaping up to be a busy one just like we were expecting. Rocky also re-covered all the chairs in the restaurant. He is amazing! I helped him with the last 10 or so and I was good...there are 43 chairs all together! If you look at the before and picture that on 43 chairs it makes a huge difference! (and yes, he also picked out the material...he has good taste too!) The restaurant is like a second home for all the time that is spent there (mostly for Rocky right now) so its nice that he can see his hard work and the difference it makes in the look of the restaurant. If you are in Salt Lake you will have to come by and see it for yourself! (um and yes, Rocky IS in his nice clothes...just for the picture! haha just kidding!!! I had brought him other clothes but he hadn't changed yet, he was on a roll with those chairs!)

In other news, I'm going to start taking some photography classes next week! I'm really excited!

Just when I thought the nice weather was going to start, the rain and snow came! I don't mind the rain, it reminds me of California. The snow...not so much!

I'm about to head home, I have a headache :( and need to get a bunch of stuff done. I hope you all have a great week! Ciao!

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