Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last night I felt like I got almost NO sleep...it came down to I just wanted it to be time to get up because I had a really bad migraine and nothing was helping it and I kept waking up, each time feeling more and more exhausted. What a night. Plus we got to bed late because Rocky was helping with some of the remodeling at the restaurant and so he didn't get home until 12:30 and I was watching Kayra for Roxy because she was at the restaurant as well, so I took a shower after they got home and Roxy was watching her. She is very cute when she is all happy and smiling. She did have some upset moments but then settled down. Overall she is a very calm baby and likes to have her arms free and loves to kick her blankets off!

In other news....

My car was rear-ended this morning on the way to work. The roads can be deceiving! It snowed last night but the wind had pretty much gotten rid of all the snow on the streets. There were icy patches still but they were harder to see and with most of the snow in the street out of SIGHT it also put precaution out of MIND. It's not too bad of a hit and it will get fixed soon!

I have hives :( I don't know from what!! I had some yesterday morning but just a little and then they went away but now they are back and WORSE and MORE so I'm going to figure out how to get rid of those. They are no fun! Especially because I don't know where they came from!

LOLLLL so when I went to go get lunch today (orange chicken & rice) I was talking to Rocky and I asked him before I left if he slept okay last night because he was tossing and turning a LOT! He does a little but I am also a deep sleeper so I hardly notice. Except last night. He tossed and turned and I was thinking, "poor guy, he can't sleep either..." but when I asked him about it, he said, "I slept fine, just like normal...I was probably just dreaming a lot!" I want to be a part of those dreams...they look like an adventure! So that really made me laugh a lot...annnnd the fact that I didn't get much sleep and everything is extra funny to me when I get less sleep!

After work I'd like to go home and take a NAP. please & thank you. However, first I will go and find out what I can do about these hives.

p.s. These are just some of the day-by-day things that are happening! There are many good and wonderful things as well! I'm not sharing the not-so-pleasant things for any reason in particular, just that they are what is on my mind at this moment. That and work, which isn't so jump-for-joy either. So, to end my post on a happy note, here are a few great things about today:

I love having morning prayer with Rocky. I start work earlier than he does but we start our day off together this way (and end it this way as well) and it really does start my day off really well.

Lets see, fresh fruit~ winter is the time for oranges! Of course, our orange tree at home growing up always had the BEST oranges. I like starting my day off healthy (even if its not all healthy food all day every day) because it helps me make healthier decisions throughout the rest of the day.

Blogs...I love reading blogs! One from friends and family as well as other creative or interesting ones~ I love photography blogs, blogs about people going through new or different experiences, reading these stretches my imagination and gives me things to ponder and think about as well as start new challenges for myself. I love to see the different ways people write and express themselves. I could go on and on about this one but I wont!

Ok and the last one...I love the photos I have on my desk at work! For a while I kept my desk...boring. I didn't really like it that way but it didn't really feel like my space because they didn't really have a space for me. I was part time, worked from a laptop, and sometimes moved from one location to another. Then I moved offices and decided it was time for a change. So I went to some thrift stores and found some super cute frames where I can display pictures of family & friends. Those pictures cheer me up during the day! (and make me want to go thrift store shopping again, I love it! who wants to go with me?) I could go on and on about thrift store shopping as well...I need a good SLC thrift store shopping buddy!

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Stacie said...

I will be your thrift store buddy if you are still in Utah when I come! I heart reading blogs...so interesting. Im glad you are ok from being rear ended and that your car hopefully is too. Kayra is a so so cute baby!