Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Overload

Do you ever feel like there is SO MUCH you want to do but not enough time?

Or even that there is so much you want to do in a day and the day flies by with not even half the hours you need?

I made a list today….I used to make lists a lot but lately they have fell by the wayside. But really, when you are “too busy” to make a list is when you need a list the most!

Some off of my list…

Rocky’s birthday prep (I have big decoration plans!! Plus I am making his cake, and I have to track down his present!) MARCH 1st is the big day!

I have a bunch of phone calls to make (this makes up most of my list actually)

Relief Society lesson (I am teaching in March. They asked me last Sunday if I would and I’m excited!). Rocky and I went over the lesson yesterday. He is an amazing teacher and I learn so much from his insights and his tips on teaching.

Go to the gym. Should this be on my to-do list? Sadly, yes. But it makes me excited that I’ll get to cross it off!

Highlights from this week:

Talking with my Dad yesterday on the phone, just catching up on what has been going on in our lives in the last week.

Going to Park City Monday with Nicole, who is AMAZING! We had fun checking out the outlets and found some great deals! Also we ate delicious food together at the restaurant! Yay for ½ days off!

Playing the piano…it’s been too long. I hate to admit that! However, it brought back the desire even stronger to make sure I get in some playing time! LOVE.

When work orders lunch. Randomly on the day that I decided to work through lunch. Right now I am enjoying turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and avocado on sourdough. It is not complicated, just delicious! I love sandwiches, they remind me of picnics!

Returning Redbox movies the day after renting them! Yes and Yes!

Rocky getting off early- we are going to eat at a new restaurant thanks to a Groupon I have. It's for a place called Pat's Barbecue- its local so look for a review on it soon!

Plus a highlight is that Rocky gets to go play soccer tonight with some guys at church. This is a highlight because of two things. 1. I love seeing how excited he gets to play- its so fun (I want to say cute but won't!) . 2. He always has some hilarious stories to tell afterward! It is the best!

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