Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love it when...

Rocky & I eat breakfast together.
I know, its the simple things, right?
It's not something we get to do on a daily basis.
During the week I leave for work an hour and a half before him so I bring my breakfast to work and he eats something at home before he leaves.
We ate cinnamon raisin toast, fruit, and drank chocolate milk
It was the perfect way to start our day.

in other news...
I ordered a new camera! Its a Canon and I can't wait till it gets here!!
It's raining today.
I only work 1/2 day Monday!
We have decided on moving to Orlando instead of Miami after going through more of the pros and cons and we feel really good about our decision!
Rocky will be studying culinary arts.
I will be doing something a little different than planned. I'm still working on the details!
Rocky's birthday is coming up! March 1st. (I tell him I'm planning a huge party for him and inviting alllll the people I know and we are going to have a pinata and a huge cake...etcetcetc!! (btw he does NOT want a huge party! But I was just teasing him about doing all that although I do want to get him a pinata!!!!!)


AE Jones said...

1. LOVE your blog. Definitely following.
2. Super jealous you got a new Canon! So excited for you!
3. You're darling - go returned sister missionaries!
4. 154 emails in a day and counting?! DANG GIRL!

Have a great one!

Laura said...

Thanks! I love your blog as well! Its so fun and I love that you write and design. Thanks for following!