Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(celebrating! me, Rocky, niece Kayra and sister Rossmary)

March started out with a birthday! Rocky's birthday is March 1st (although his family teases him saying he was born February 29th)...the way I see it is that in 2012 we will celebrate 2 days in a row (just in case!)

It really started at midnight~ his sister's took him out to eat and of course he was itching to open his gifts as well! He was very excited to get a REAL Salt Lake soccer jersey. I think it's a fun tradition to celebrate a little at the real "start" of the day. It can make for a sleepy workday but it is so fun! And birthdays are only once a year and the memories are worth it. Our birthday traditions growing up are very similar (besides the whole celebrating at midnight!) and I love the traditions we are forming- incorporating from our families as well as creating our own.

We were both able to get some of the work day off and we headed up to Park City. Rocky had never been so it was a perfect opportunity! I love the time we got to spend together since we have such hectic schedules. We hit up the outlets...there are SO many but some of them that drew us in were Adidas, Aldo, Nike, Aeropostale, Volcom, Pacsun, Guess, and Oakley. We found some super great sales in Nike, Aldo, and Volcom and Aero. Some stores were more "browsing" stores and that is fun too. I love bargain shopping and Rocky has caught onto it too. If I had pulled out my camera during our shopping adventures you would have laughed!

We will for sure be back to Park City, it is super close and there is so much more to see and explore~ much more than just shopping (although that is always fun too), they have all kinds of events and it is beautiful to be up in the mountains.

I love that we were able to do something fun and different for his special day. Rocky is the best and I am excited for all the future birthdays we get to celebrate together! (and next year I am serious about having a pinata!)

The day ended with Rocky cutting his birthday cake, singing happy birthday, eating cake (made by me!) and homemade cookies from his sisters, and lots of photos!

What is one of your favorite birthday traditions?

For me, the tradition of going out to breakfast with my dad on birthday morning and also the amazing birthday decorations! We went all out with streamers and balloons in our favorite color and a huge banner that everyone signed and decorated!

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