Monday, March 7, 2011

Miracle Monday

So it has been no secret that gas prices have skyrocketed. I can't imagine how people in the Los Angeles area feel (sorry Julianne!) because their prices have reached $5.00 in some areas. We are hovering around the 3.30 mark.

How much is gas for you where you live??

I got gas today for 3.25. It was the cheapest I saw. My gas light was on and part of me STILL was thinking I would be able to find it for cheaper somewhere else. Because, 3.25?!?! Rocky advised me I'd better get it because tomorrow it could go up. That and I knew I would need it today anyways forced me to pull into the gas station. I decided to only fill up with $25 worth of gas, still hoping it might go down a few cents in the next few days. While we waited Rocky and I talked about a story I had heard on the news about a gas station in Roseville, CA that lowered their gas prices by 20 cents for one hour last week. Is that the best thing ever or not? Every little bit helps! Especially when you think about people who have to commute, families with only one person working...there are plenty of examples and even with the price drop (for just an hour!) I'm sure they got so many customers it made up for it!

After replacing the gas cap and getting back into my car we drove off and my eyes wandered to my gas gauge, fully expecting to see it around 1/2 full. I had to look twice because it was FULL. A full tank of gas on $25??? We couldn't believe it! Possibly something wrong with the gas pump? A miracle? For us it's definitely a yes on the second.


Rockin Rosenau's said...

Wow your only paying 3.25?! lucky you! Last week shawn told me that gas prices went up 30 cents in one week! making our gas here in lancaster 3.85! speaking of miracles we had our own similar to yours last week (when the gas light went on in our we filled up but only put $20 dollars in our tank and when we started the car it was more than half full! i don't think that was possible with $20 dollars....miracles are truly amazing!

Stacie said...

Gas is $3.25 or so around here. My gas light was on on Saturday in Chandler and I didnt meet up w/ Paul & Rene in time so I had no choice but to get gas and then meet up with them. I went to Safeway which I never do, and swiped my Safeway card (I rarely shop there) and I got 3 cents off my gas! I spent $45 filling up my tank but still, it was nice to get a few cents off! I think it made it $3.36 or maybe it was $3.26..i forget